Sync Portfolio

//Classical, Cinematic, Contemporary

Photos by Piers MurrayHill

//Sync Reel

// 9 examples of Nilly's compositions/productions, covering a range of classical and contemporary genres.

  • 00:00 - 00:40 The Hive- Orchestral/neo-classical

  • 00:40 - 01:18: Ori- Orchestral/classical

  • 01:18 - 02:03: Magma- Orchestral/cinematic

  • 02:03 - 02:43: Lover's Horizon- Classical/live duet

  • 02:43 - 03:16: Childlike Belief- Breakbeat/hiphop

  • 03:16 - 03:56: Flow- Breakbeat/cinematic

  • 03:46 - 04:40: Crowing- Electronic/dance

  • 04:40 - 05:16: Falling- Experimental/cinematic

  • 05:16 - 05:55: Mean City- Cinematic

Nilly's composition and production skills draws together orchestral, acoustic and electronic elements, forming a large collection of work spanning classical and contemporary genres. The sync reel above includes clips from a range of her compositions/productions. 

//Live Classical Performance

//Church performance of Nilly's compositions

    Nilly Brook Piano, Sam Creer Cello

Video by Vanessa Mamousa

//Short Bio

Nilly graduated in the summer of 2019 with a MMus in Composition. Having played piano and cello since she was a child, Nilly began her foray into composing whilst she was working as an animator in the advertising industry. Seeking new forms of expression, she initially began composing romantic classical pieces (for piano and cello). Eventually Nilly formed a band, enabling her to develop her production and engineering skills. Consequently Nilly continued to write and produces across a wide range of genres.


Alongside her composition/production work, Nilly performs as an electronic musician/audio-visual artist under the name Obscenity State. She also continues to work as a freelance animator and educator (visual arts and music). 

To find out more about Obscenity State click here 

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