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Due for release January 2023


// Origin:  London
// Genres:  Dance/Elecronic

//Single Release: Moke Lake November 25th 2022. 

// EP Release: January 2023.



//Single Release: November 25th 2022. 
Video created by Nilly Brook
Obscenity State’s debut single release Moke Lake, an energetic electronic dance track, explores self-discovery through the merging of sound and vision . The cascading melodic synthesis, expansive sound design and psychedelic, overlapping sequences hypnotically immerse you into her alternative world. Weaving throughout are the evocative chants of a Persian Avaz master, a female performer prohibited from singing in public since the revolution of ’79. Of Iranian heritage herself, stemming from a persecuted minority, Obscenity State’s Nilly Brook built a visually stunning digital world to reflect her sense of isolation and driving determination to confront revolutions past and present through the exploration of new identities.



AV Performances//

Moke Lake- Clip

Last Night I Dreamt


// Solo Audio Visual Artist/Performer based in East London
Poetically transcending the ages, London born Obscenity State transfixes listeners with her unique blend of electronica, expansive sound design, harmonically rich compositions and hypnotic dance rhythms. Passion, blood ties and cultural complexity drove the cinematic vision behind Nilly Brook’s Obscenity State. Driven by her experience growing up in a family torn by the Iranian revolution, Nilly became hyper-aware of the corruption of power in its various forms. Seeking clarity, she immersed herself in art, global politics, animation and music initially through her studies at Central Saint Martins, the School of Oriental and African Studies and the London College of Music. Processing and transforming the energies around her, what emerged was an evolving creative force culminating in Obscenity State’s immersive live audio-reactive visual performance, where abstract subversive animations and the dramatic beauty of light submerge the audience into her explorative dimension.

Central to her vision as an artist has been the coalescing of her background in digital animation, world politics, classical composition and electronic music production. Founder of the post-punk/dance band Obscenity State, Nilly Brook has taken the step with her debut single Moke Lake to reform Obscenity State as a solo electronic/dance act. Her EP will be soon to follow in early January 2023. 

Having always longed to connect to her Iranian roots, in 2021 Obscenity State released an experimental track with the Iranian label Noise a Noise, featuring the Persian poet Mehrangiz Rassapour. Nilly also has a large collection of abstract paintings that shine a light on the Persian poets Hafiz and Rumi, prior to performing music, she exhibited these paintings at various London galleries. 


// London Decompressed. Saturday 19th November 2022.                Details to come.

// The Tower N8. Friday 9th December 2022. Featuring poetry          recital from Mehrangiz Rassapour (M Pegah) and Modular            electronic performance from TDC Tunes.

// Iklektik London. Fri Feb 10th 2023, more details to come. 

// Corsica Studios- Fakedec London. Thur March 25th 2023, more    details to come.


+44 7779 182185

General Enquiries: Nilly

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