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//Unreleased Demo Mix Tracks
//Genre: IDM/Experimental, Dance/Melodic Techno, Ambient




Obscenity State is an audiovisual artist/electronic music producer and musician that has been performing her shows across London and Europe at venues such as Corsica Studios, Fire and Iklectik. Her performance captures the euphoria of club culture whilst drawing from the musical depth of her background in classical music, with moments of tension and release, layering melodic counterpoints and dissonant shifting pitches. Drawing you deeper into the sound, the immersive audio visual live set submerges the audience with her sci-fi inspired imagery and dramatic use of light.

Passion, blood ties and cultural complexity drove the cinematic vision behind Nilly Brook’s Obscenity State. Driven by her experience growing up in a family torn by the Iranian revolution, Nilly became hyper-aware of the corruption of power in its various forms. Seeking clarity, she immersed herself in art, global politics, animation and music initially through her studies at Central Saint Martins, the School of Oriental and African Studies and the London College of Music. Processing and transforming the energies around her, what emerged was an evolving creative force culminating in Obscenity State’s immersive live audio visual performance.
Initially Nilly wrote and performed classical and post classical music alongside performing in an earlier version of Obscenity State as a band. She also works in the animation industry, has begun composing for film and currently lectures Visual FX and Music at various universities.
// Solo Audio Visual Artist/Performer based in East London
//Composer for a feature film due for release. Trailer composition starts at 25 seconds
To hear more of Nilly's classical and post classical work please click here after requesting the password via the details below.


General Enquiries: Nilly

+44 7779 182185

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