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Visual Artist



Below is a video that outlines the artistic inspiration behind Yeats, a painting that Nilly completed over several years whilst working on other pieces. 

Small corner from the Yeats painting 120cm x 120cm


//Artist Biography


After completing her BA in World/Middle Eastern politics at SOAS, Nilly Brook returned to her love of painting, seeking a deeper understanding of the knowledge she'd gained. Drawing inspiration from legendary poets such as Hafiz, Rumi and Yeats, Nilly built up a large collection of work. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries, institutions and art fairs around London such as The Brunei Gallery, The Swiss Embassy, Muse Gallery, A-Side B-Side and The Interchange Gallery. Her paintings evolved into an exploration of photography and animation prior to her postgraduate studies in animation at Central Saint Martins. Since graduating from CSM Nilly has worked as an animator in the VFX industry as well as building up a large body of music compositions. She is currently developing her audio-visual performance which ties all her work together into a unique, dynamic, whole. 

//Audio Visual Work

Below are a selection of short audio-visual sketches.Nilly is currently developing audio-visual, generative material using Touch Designer, supporting DJs in clubs and for her own performances and video work as Obscenity State. 

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